A month after the 360 exclusive, players on other platforms will be able to play the four new maps.

The Revolution map pack already arrived for Xbox 360 players, but PC and PS3 players can now set their calendars for some new additions to the blockbuster game. This first piece of DLC will release on February 28. $14.99 (or a season pass) will get you access to the Revolution pack, which includes the new maps called Hydro, Grind, Downhill, and Mirage. In addition, the map pack includes a new Zombies map called Die Rise. Finally, the Revolution pack includes a new Zombies gameplay mode called Turned, in which players get to become the zombies. 

Do you play Black Ops II on PS3 or PC? What’s your take on exclusive timed-release DLC for different plaforms? Share your thoughts in the comments below.