Double Fine's iOS game, Middle Manager of Justice, received a free content update that adds all kinds of new features. You can check out the full list of updates below, as well as a trailer for the new stuff.

  • Alien invasion: The last two neighborhoods are opened up!
  • Brand new hero, The Cosmic Crowbar!  This hero was created by our ardent supporter Steven Dengler!
  • Valentines Day Event: Evil forces are ruining Valentines Day!  Save love!
  • Memory Savings: We’ve fixed many bugs which was causing more memory to be allocated than before.  This will ensure that out of memory crashes will happened a LOT less than before.
  • Play your own music: You can play your own audio over the game and make Brian Min cry.  Just make sure you mute the in game audio in the options menu.
  • Brand New Splash Screen: We’ll keep you updated with the latest news!
  • Easier iCloud integration: You’ll be able to load and save manually from the iCloud and will no longer have to go through the tutorial to sync .
  • Water Cooler, Juicer, Yak: New items for the office that will replenish health items on every fight!
  • Heroes returning to work: Heroes will go back to what they were doing whenever they are interrupted.
  • New Scheduler UI: Cleaner scheduler UI with bigger buttons for ease of use in devices with smaller screens.
  • Level Cap Raised: The level cap for the Middle Manager and the Heroes are raised to 15.
  • Achievement Fixes:  Achievements while offline should be rewarded when back online.
  • Branch Rating Fix: Now the branch rating should keep going up even when you’ve maxed out your Middle Manager.

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[via Double Fine]