Who you going to call? Not your friends or family, because your phone is going to be tied up zapping ghosts in Beeline Interactive's Ghostbusters game. You can download it right now on iPhone and iPad for free.

I have a little over an hour invested into this game, and I'm having a grand ol' time with it. The screenshot above illustrates how most of the game works. All three of the characters can be moved individually by tapping them and drawing a line to the desired location. Attacking is handled the same way. Draw a line to an enemy and your character will blast away. Michelle Ying (the blue-haired girl) is using a traditional proton pack, which gives her a bit more range. Michael Prince is wielding a level 2 Slime Blower, a potent close-range damage-dealer. Tara Fitzpatrick's proton pack works in similarly to Michelle's, but it's equipped with a M.E.D. upgrade used for healing. Draw a line to an injured party member and she'll instantly switch from attacking to healing. This is the line-up I'm rocking right now. A fourth teammate – or replacement teammates – can be purchased back at the firehouse headquarters.

Here, you'll find all sorts of things to research, upgrade, and purchase. I'm currently waiting for my heavy armor research to conclude. This particular item takes 30 minutes to develop. However, obtainable power cores can be exchanged to immediately complete the project. I ran out of power cores quickly. More can be purchased with real cash, though you can get more in battles. To add another 50 power cores, you'll have to spend $4.99. They even have an option to purchase 2,000 cores for $99.99. Yikes.

And that isn't the only purchasable currency in the game. To research and buy items, your Ghostbusters will need cash of their own. They can go earn it by sucking up ghosts, or you can use real cash to purchase additional funds for your team. Adding $25,000 in-game bucks costs $4.99. You can also become an instant millionaire for $99.99. Yikes again.

The freemium aspect sounds ridiculous, but it really hasn't affected my game at this point. I have plenty of missions to complete and the difficulty hasn't reached a point where I feel I can only win battles with upgrades.