THQ's demise is one of the biggest stories in the industry this week. As we watched many of its precious licenses and studios being sold off, we wondered about the future of some franchises. And we're not the only ones, studios are also taking notice. One independent studio, Team Pixel, wants to make sure the Homeworld license lives on by buying the rights, and they're asking for your help to get the job done.

Team Pixel has since launched a campaign via Indiegogo, though they not taken on a project of this magnitude before. According to their Indiegogo page, they've been around for eight years, and are skilled in "web design, web development, desktop software, and mobile applications." 

The campaign page notes that it's been 10 years since we've seen a new Homeworld installment and states, "The THQ bankruptcy has given all of us a massive opportunity to put Homeworld back in the hands of gamers." And they sound pretty inspired for what they want for the future of Homeworld, "We believe that the Homeworld franchise should be respected as one of the major landmarks in sci-fi and RTS gaming. To us, this means preserving access to the game for fans, both old and new," the company stated on its Indiegogo page. Team Pixel also promises to refund all donations if they can't obtain the license.

But is it even possible for Team Pixel to purchase the license? Sega won the bid for Relic, but it is in the approval process. PCGamesN, who broke the story, reached out to Sega for comment, but the response didn't give a definitive yes or no. "It is true that SEGA took part in the bidding of all shares of THQ Canada Inc. and THQ's IPs related to the titles developed by THQ Canada Inc. SEGA won the bid as the court announced and the deal will be closed tomorrow, after which SEGA will release detailed information." 

In today's interview with us, THQ president Jason Rubin said, "There will be a separate process to sell off the back catalog and IP. That process will take place in the coming weeks." Guess we'll know soon enough what happens to Homeworld. 

What do you think of Team Pixel's efforts?