An individual known as SuperDae has recently leaked over 90 pages of supposed Playstation 4/Orbis information to Kotaku. Among them are details regarding the upcoming console's technical specifications, controller details, and user account system.

According to the report, the new console will feature a Blu-Ray drive, 160GB hard drive, and 2.2GB of video memory. It's worth noting that these are specs for a developer kit, and the hard drive space may change for the retail release.

Similar to the Vita's rear touch screen, the new controller is reported to include a touch pad. The report presumes that this is on the back of the Playstation 4 controller, and that the entire pad can be clicked in. Also on the reported controller is a "share" button, the function of which is unclear at this time.

Check out the full details (including rumors regarding the new user account system) at the Kotaku link above. As always with supposed leaks like this, take it with a grain of salt until official word comes down from Sony at E3 or possibly earlier.