Richard Garriott lives a life that most of us can barely dream of. The creator of the Ultima franchise lives in a castle and visited space in 2008. If you'd like to see just a sample of his jaw-dropping collection of curios and oddities, check out this short documentary.

The clip, hosted by Garriott's friend Brad Henderson, shows off items including shrunken heads, a Victorian-era vampire-hunting kit (complete with a cross that fires silver bullets), and one of the original Sputniks. The highlight is a look at Garriott's extensive automaton collection.

Garriott (perhaps better known in gaming as Lord British) has been a fixture in the games industry from the early days. His PC game Ultima debuted in 1981, and it spawned a string of sequels and spinoffs, including Ultima Online. In 2010, he was awarded $28 million in a settlement with NCsoft, the company that published his Tabula Rasa MMO.\\


[Via Wesley Treat's Roadside Resort]