If you’re excited about the upcoming strategy/RPG, it’s worth checking out the cool bonuses you can get by preordering from the developer.

If your interest in Shadowrun Returns was stoked by our recent story about the game’s archetypes, then you should check out Harebrained Schemes’ preorder page for the game. Preorders have been running for a couple of weeks, but you can still order up any of the three different SKUs for the upcoming game in advance of the game's release this summer. 

The $15 basic edition will get you the game and editor for OSX, Windows, or Linux. A $30 deluxe set adds a downloadable digital soundtrack and a downloadable pdf of the Shadowrun Returns Anthology, and a collection of short stories by franchise creator Jordan Weisman. Finally, a hefty $75 can be spent if you’re looking to support your enthusiasm for the game in a more investory-like way, and Harebrained Schemes will throw in a set of Shadowrun Returns USB Dog Tags as a thank you. 

No matter which version you want, you can explore the game’s preorder page right here