Why does that redheaded adventurer keep entering temples if he knows an ape is just going to chase him away? Imangi Studios' Temple Run 2 begins with a familiar fear-filled sprint, but quickly distances itself from its predecessor with new zip-line maneuvers, mine cart rides, and leaps over spinning death contraptions.

The game is out now for iOS and can be downloaded right here for free. I've run to my death over a dozen times now and am enjoying this sequel and the competition it has already brought to my GameCenter friends list. Russ Frushtick of Polygon posted a ridiculously high score (1,755,840) that I'm going to spend far too much time trying to top. Feel free to add me (Reinak007).

I haven't unlocked any other character skins yet, but Imangi's product description says that each character has special powers. Interesting. They also point out that the monkey is bigger in this sequel.

Check out the game for yourself and let's get the competition rolling!