Apple has changed the rating for the NRA's target-shooting game from 4+ to 12+. NRA: Practice Range drew criticism since its January 13 release for its timing (about a month following the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting), while other said it was being inappropriately marketed to children.

The game, which is a rudimentary first-person shooter, has players using a firearm against paper targets and in skeet-shooting competitions. In its 12+ rating, Apple characterizes the game as having frequent/intense realistic violence. The NRA says it's designed to demonstrate proper gun safety and access to news and other educational materials.

For the sake of comparison, Infinity Blade II (a game featuring swords and melee combat) was given a 9+ rating for "infrequent/mild mature/suggestive themes, frequent/intense cartoon or fantasy violence, infrequent/mild realistic violence."

[Via Polygon]