Silly Nintendo, Sundance is for film. Nevertheless, the Japanese publisher will host several events during this year’s Sundance Film Festival.

On January 17, Nintendo will host a Wii U Video Challenge premiere party where the company will premiere three short films centering on the Wii U.

Previously, YouTube filmmakers were asked to create short films about the Wii U's unique gameplay possibilities. Twelve filmmakers were selected to participate in the 48-hour Wii U Video Challenge from January 11-13. Divided into three teams of four, these filmmakers all worked to create short films that showcased the fun and exciting gameplay of the Wii U. These films will debut during the Nintendo party on Wednesday. I'm sure we'll also get to see them online before long too.

Then on January 18, Nintendo will open it's Nintendo Lounge for three days, so Nintendo will host a premiere party for the Wii U Video Challenge and have a Nintendo Lounge set up for festival attendees and residents to play unreleased Nintendo games between film screenings. Titles on hand will include: New Super Mario Bros. U, Nintendo Land, ZombiU, Sing Party, Rayman Legends, and Wii Fit U, among others.