Previous DLC offerings for Borderlands 2 have taken gamers on a pirate adventure and sent them on errands for an insane person, but the third expansion is focused mostly on hunting large, dangerous creatures. Sir Hammerlock's Big Game Hunt transports Borderlands fans to the new land of Aegrus, and offers several unique challenges and experiences.

Gearbox loosely based Aegrus on the island scenes in King Kong, meaning you can look forward to plenty of jungle environments, swampy waters, and angry new creatures like the borok and scaylion. Most intimidating of all is the new witch doctor enemy, who can take you down with a variety of elemental attacks (on top of being able to reinvigorate his allies and sap health from you). You can also look forward to more than one large boss fight that almost requires the help of a friend to defeat.

Your new archnemesis on Aegrus is Professor Nakayama, a presumably insane villain with an unhealthy obsession with the recently-deceased Handsome Jack. If you're following the core story missions in this DLC pack, you'll reach the end fairly quickly. Despite this, the final boss fight against Nakayama had me laughing out loud.

While you can make your way to the evil professor in short time, Sir Hammerlock offers plenty of side missions involving tracking down the rare creatures of Aegrus. Cruising around swampy waters in the new fanboat and searching for specific creatures to kill is a lot of fun, and these missions can be somewhat time-consuming.

As a big Borderlands 2 fan, I welcome any new enemies, areas, and missions Gearbox can provide. Luckily, each DLC offering for this title has been worth exploring for unique reasons. Sir Hammerlock's Big Game Hunt is no different, and it had me laughing and enjoying myself just as much as any other Borderlands 2 content.