A new patent from Sony suggests the company is working on a redesigned, customizable Move controller.

Published just last week, the patent reveals images of the more ergonomic Move controller seen above. Another image suggests that the controller would feature interchangeable faceplates:

Additionally, a third faceplate is shown connecting two Move wands into a standard controller configuration:

While another image shows that two Move controllers can also be connected end-to-end, for some reason or another:

And finally, this last picture suggests that Sony is actually trying to patent stupidity:

Sony has patented a wide variety of zany Move designs, some of which have been released, and others that haven't. We'll have to wait to see what comes of the company's newest filing, but I personally can't wait to strap some move controllers to my feet and break my neck.

[Source: US Patent & Trademark Office Via: The Silent Chief Images: Free Patents Online]