The Sony Entertainment Network, the brower-based form of the PlayStation Network, is up and running in the U.S. Just head over to the site, sign in with your PSN ID, and you can start buying games, movies, and other entertainment content. There's a sale on some games like The Unfinished Swan and LittleBigPlanet Karting going on right now.

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Sony's online program has grown in fits and starts, and the news is that the company is planning a browser-based store that wil eventually let you purchase content and download it to your PS3 and Vita.

In a CNET interview, Shawn Layden, COO of Sony Network Entertainment, says that a U.S. SNE browser-based store is in the works and should come out this month. CNET reports that the online store front will let you purchase and download content from this browser, and "eventually" have it automatically download to your PS3. Why this key feature isn't available from the start isn't clear.

Currently, Sony Network Entertainment has a European store browser with this feature up and running.