Fans of the recent Transformers game will be excited about the official release of a new super-sized character from the story.

Longtime fans of Transformers don’t need to be introduced to Omega Supreme, whose hulking presence helps the Autobots hold the line against the villainous Decepticons. 

Though Omega Supreme figured prominently in War for Cybertron, he didn’t appear in Fall of Cybertron, which can maybe help to explain how he looks a little different. You can also chalk up the change to the fact that this new figure is a remodel of an earlier Omega Supreme figure from years ago, now with a different head sculpt and other altered features, like his cannon arm. 

The Platinum Edition Year of the Snake Omega Supreme (the full title of the new toy) is on its way later this month as an exclusive to Amazon as well as online toy retailer Big Bad Toy Store. Because it’s an exclusive targeted primarily at collectors, and not headed to mass retail, the big guy has a hefty price tag attached – Big Bad Toy Store has the figure listed for $99. 

Is he worth the price? Take a look at two images of the final toy that Hasbro sent our way, and decide for yourself. Alternately, take a look back at this custom Omega Supreme toy we posted about a few years back, which carried the even more hefty price tag on eBay of around $3,000.