Earlier this year, Bethesda finally acquired Interplay’s rights to a Fallout MMO after a lengthy courtroom battle. Developer of the Fallout MMO and sub-division of Interplay, Black Isle Studios, dropped the Fallout moniker and stuck with the name Project V13. The game is still in development, but the studio is turning to fans of post-apocalyptic games to help contribute money so the team can create a proof of concept prototype.

Contributors will earn badges of varying rank and exclusive forum access for their generosity. Unlike many other crowdfunding projects, backers won’t receive a copy of the game automatically. Once finished, Black Isle Studios will use the prototype to raise more money to complete the game.

As develop-online points out, Black Isle Studios’ website doesn’t necessarily state whether Project V13 is still an MMO. The game is described as a post-apocalyptic strategy RPG and mention vast worlds, interacting with NPCs, and skill progression. Watch the video below for more information and personal interviews from Project V13 developers. Visit Black Isle Studios' website to contribute.