Capcom has launched a new update to RE 6 that makes changes to the game's camera, co-op, and modes. Also, the PC version will release in March with Steam support.

On its official blog Capcom Unity, the company detailed some of the changes that the new update brings to Resident Evil 6:

-Unlocks Ada's campaign from the start (don't have to finish the others for access)

-Unlocks optional co-op partner for Ada's campaign (human controlled)

-Adds more camera functionality; zoom in and out to your liking

-Unlocks "No Hope" difficulty mode. It's... hard :)

There will also be a second title update on January 22, adding the following adjustments:

-Agent Hunt mode unlocked from the start

-Agent Hunt selectable criteria before starting match (stage, region, settings like infinite ammo or friendly fire)

-Stage selection within chapters

-QTE assist; you have the option to automatically complete most QTE events (a relief on Professional, looking at you Simmons)

Capcom announced that the PC version of Resident Evil 6 will be released in North America on March 22 of next year. The company says that it will have all the post-launch updates and bug fixes included on day one. It will also support cloud saves, leaderboards and -- most importantly -- Steam Achievements.

As previously announced, Capcom is also releasing a DLC pack of three new multiplayer modes tomorrow. For more details, check out our previous story.