It’s been a busy holiday season of video games. Here’s your chance to tell us (and your family and friends) which games you still need to fill out your collection.

It’s that time of year when we all take a look at the inappropriate amount of money we’ve spent on games in the last three months, and then promptly decide we need our friends and family to make up the difference by purchasing more games for us to find under the tree. 

So here’s your chance to tell Santa and the rest of the Game Informer community what games are still on your list. We won’t even judge if you’ve been too naughty to get the best stuff. 

Hint, hint: This is also your not-too-subtle chance to let actual gift buyers know what you’d like, as in: “Oh, hey Mom. I was just finishing commenting on this fine Game Informer article. Want to see what I wrote?”

Share your unquenchable video game wish lists in the comments below.