Pocketwatch Games has some nifty bonuses for gamers willing to preorder its long-anticipated downloadable game.

We’ve been excited about Monaco for a long while, ever since it won the Seamus McNally Grand Prize at the IGF in 2010. Pocketwatch Games is at long last honing in on a release date; Monaco will release somewhere around March 2013. While the final release date hasn’t been nailed down, developer Andy Schatz shared the following details today regarding recently opened preorders. 

People who pony up the $13.50 for the game will receive a Steam code for the game, a DRM-free copy of the original 2010 award-winning prototype, which has been renamed Monte Carlo, two musical tracks from the final game from Journey composer and Grammy nominee Austin Wintory, and finally, sheet music from the game and the option to remix the music and potentially be included in an upcoming Monaco remix album. 

All in all, it sounds like a pretty awesome haul for a game you’re probably going to want to play anyway. 

Monaco is targeting release on PC as well as XBLA in March, but Pocketwatch says that a Mac version won’t be far behind.