We're less than a month away from when the Mayans believed the world would end. Why not celebrate their stupidity with some new doomsday-themed DLC for Trials Evolution?

Trials Evolution's upcoming Riders of Doom pack adds a new environment called The Big Sand Lands, which Ubisoft says was inspired by the end of the world and features 40 new tracks. The DLC also adds a motorbike called the Banshee, plus ten new Skill games.

Perhaps the real draw is that the DLC pack adds hundreds of new objects to the game's level editor. Ubisoft revealed that players have already created 200,000 tracks for the base game, and having a new environment and objects to play around with will undoubtedly boost that number even higher. Here's today's teaser trailer for the new DLC:

Riders of Doom releases this December for 400 MS Points. If you haven't played Trials Evolution yet, read our review to find out more about the game.