It’s a strange emotion, seeing information leaked about a game you are excited about. On the one hand, you want to absorb everything available, but on the other hand you don’t want to accidentally receive spoilers or receive more information than you really want to know.

I am excited to see what Bungie has been working on behind closed doors, but I want to learn about the game on their own terms, and then jump into the full game when it releases. I’m disappointed in the way I learned about “The Traveler,” reading about it in a few sentences pulled from an advertising booklet. It sounds like an awesome concept that I wish I could have seen in a trailer, or better yet, got to experience first-hand in the game without any prior knowledge.

I would like to pretend that if it wasn’t part of my job to report on this kind of thing, I would have avoided Bungie’s leaked information, but I don’t think that’s true. When it’s out in the wild, it’s hard to resist, especially when it’s something you are excited about.

How do you feel about leaked information? Do you avoid it all costs, or ravenously gobble it up as fast as possible?