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Let's Talk About Sonic The Hedgehog

If Wikipedia is to be believed, yesterday was the 20th anniversary of Sonic The Hedgehog 2. Let's talk about the discolored hedgehog. Real hedgehogs are brown after all.

Are you still a fan of the red-shoed erinaceidae? I grew up in a Nintendo household myself, so I spent my elementary school days arguing in favor of a plumber who didn't spend much time plumbing. When I did get my hands on Sonic at a friends house, however, I always had a good time.

How do you feel about Sonic? Is he past his prime? Is he still a force to be reckoned with? Do you still get excited for each new release? Or do you let them pass you by like a high-speed blue blur?

Also, did you know that in New Zealand and the islands of Scotland, the hedgehog is considered a pest?

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