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The Walking Dead Season Finale Trailer Is Here

Prepare for this week's launch of The Walking Dead Episode Five with this season finale trailer.

Warning: I don't know if this video contains any spoilers. I find it hard to believe that Telltale would be crazy enough to put spoilers in its season finale trailer, but I'm not taking any chances. For all I know, Lee could ride a flying pig off into the sunset in this video – which would actually be one heck of a twist. The more likely scenario, though, is that the trailer contains a lot of survivors running from zombies, a splash of gore, and a tension-building climax – but I don't need anymore tension for the finale, Telltale!

Come back tomorrow for our review of The Walking Dead Episode Five: No Time Left, or check out our Test Chamber of Episode One. In the meantime, tell us what you think of The Walking Dead's episodic format: Are you ready for season two? Or would you prefer to have everything all at once? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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