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StarCraft II: Heart of the Swarm Release Date

Blizzard has officially announced a release date for StarCraft II: Heart of the Swarm for this spring.

The game will come out on March 12, and include regular and digital versions ($39.99), a Digital Deluxe version ($59.99), and a Collector's Edition ($79.99). Both the regular digital version and the Digital Deluxe versions can be pre-ordered directly from Blizzard at www.starcraft2.com, and they will be pre-loaded so you can start playing right away on March 12. Also, if you buy the regular version, you can upgrade to the Digital Deluxe version for an extra $20 while it's still available.

Digital Deluxe Version Extras (text from Blizzard)

  • StarCraft II Torrasque: Crush the enemies of the Swarm with the indomitable Torrasque, a fearsome new look for your zerg Ultralisks
  • StarCraft II Battle.net Portraits and Decals: New Swarm-infested Battle.net portraits and decals help you customize the look of your online profile and in-game army
  • World of Warcraft In-Game Pet: The Baneling companion pet is bursting with enthusiasm and ready to explode onto the Pet Battles scene
  • Diablo III Blade Wings and Banner Sigil: Grow zerg-like wings in honor of the Queen of Blades, and unfurl an exclusive banner sigil to mark your allegiance to the Swarm in Sanctuary

Collector's Edition Extras (text from Blizzard)

  • All extra content from the Digital Deluxe Version (the game itself is on a disc)
  • Behind-the-Scenes DVD and Blu-ray: Immerse yourself in the StarCraft universe with developer commentary, interviews with voice actors, and an in-depth historical retrospective on StarCraft's eSports legacy narrated by key members of the community
  • Collector's Edition Soundtrack CD: Enhance your Heart of the Swarm musical experience with this collection of more than a dozen tracks from the game
  • Heart of the Swarm Hardcover Art Book: This 144-page tome features never-before-seen art from the expansion, including early concept sketches and meticulous 3D renderings
  • Zerg Rush Mousepad: This Collector's Edition mousepad depicts the Terran Dominion holding out desperately under the onslaught of the Swarm

For more on the game, check out Adam's impressions of the new units.

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