There are a lot of unknowns with the debut title from 22 Cans, the small development studio founded by ex-Lionhead designer Peter Molyneux. The app is called Curiosity: What's Inside the Cube and has people from around the world helping to collectively chip away at a cube. Why? We're not too sure.

The cube is broken up into layers, but contributors have to fully clear off a layer before moving on to the next. You randomly earn coins for each tiny cube you destroy, allowing you to purchase helpful tools such as bombs and firecrackers that can be used to clear even more tiny cubes. The hook is that the last person to chip away the last particle of the cube is sent access to a video that contains a "life-changing secret". This lucky winner may choose not to share the secret, and thereby ruin the hopes and dreams of every contributor. Odds are that you won't "win" this "game", but the app is free on iOS right now and should be on Android devices soon.