(Image Credit: Alexander Sliwinski, Joystiq)

In August, the state of Rhode Island took control of 38 Studios and its assets after the developer went bankrupt and laid off its employees. Yesterday, the Rhode Island Economic Development Corporation held a public auction for all the assets.

The RIEDC says there were more than 1,000 registered bidders (approximately 600 online and 400 in-person) and 95 percent of the items available were purchased. The left over items "mainly consist of cubicle furniture." A representative told Game Informer the Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning IP was not part of this auction and is still several months away from being sold.

"There is the possibility for another live public auction, which will be determined by the amount of unsold items and additional items accumulated from Maryland and Rhode Island," the RIEDC says. "Those items could include more computers, servers, office furniture, etc."

The gross sales amount is pending until later today, the RIEDC says.