Today is October 2, which means two things to NBA fans. One, training camp officially starts for teams around the league. Two, NBA 2K13 hits store shelves. So where is our review?

I've played the game a great deal of hours over the past two weeks, but given the online debacle from last year's launch we wanted to test the retail version before we made a final judgment on the game. In doing so, we encountered a connectivity issue that could cripple the game if it's pervasive. 

After every game in the offline Association mode, the game interacts with a server to tally the Virtual Currency you earn. In my experience, when this occurs I receive a server error that prevents the game from rewarding me VC and kicks me back into the main menu without saving my progress.

Obviously, a game-crippling bug would drastically alter my opinion of the game, so before we post my review we're waiting to determine whether this is an non-pervasive issue that can be corrected server side or if this is a more egregious bug that renders the mode unplayable. We've reached out to Visual Concepts for comment, and we'll follow up when they respond.

For those of you who have already picked up the game, have you encountered this bug as well? Please share your experiences in the comments.

UPDATE: Visual Concepts has resolved the issue and you can read our review here.