Update: Nintendo has announced the U.S. release date and details for New Super Mario Bros. 2's DLC.

The 3DS game will be getting new downloadable add-on packs, starting this Thursday, October 4. The next packs will come at the end of October and in November. Each new pack contains three courses and will cost $2.50.

The first pack includes (text from Nintendo):


  • Gold Rush Pack: Fun new courses that give novice players the best chance to collect lots of gold, and veterans the chance to set even higher Coin Rush records.
  • Coin Challenge Pack A: The New Super Mario Bros. 2 website will track the rankings based on the scores for this pack, enabling players to measure their scores against other tallies from around the world in these more open courses.
  • Nerve-Wrack Pack: Intense new courses designed for veteran players looking for new challenges.



Nintendo revealed that DLC is coming to New Super Mario Bros. 2 back in June at E3, and last night it offered some details about exactly what it would be.

There are three packs on the way. The "Go! Go! As Gold Mario Pack" challenges players to collect 30,000 coins, the "Challenge the Record A Pack" will post high scores to Nintendo's website, and  the "Survival Panic Pack" offers difficulty levels for experienced Mario players. These packs will be available in Japan on October 2 for 200 yen. We should have details on the North American release dates and prices soon.

You can check out the presentation below. It's in Japanese, but it does offer gameplay footage of the upcoming packs.

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