DayZ creator Dean Hall says the standalone version of popular ARMAII zombie mod is coming before the end of the year, likely sometime in December.

"It has to be out before the end of the year," Hall said at today's Eurogamer Expo. "Not just because we've committed to it but in order to achieve what we have to do. It has to be. There's no 'we hope it is'; it has to be. And it's going to be cheap.

"We've decided that we don't need to sell a heap of units in order for us to be OK with where it's going. The more units we sell of it the more ambitious we get, because the project has the better resources."

Hall announced a standalone version last month and says the reason the team wants to get it out as soon as possible is because of copycat games. The War Z, an upcoming zombie MMO announced in July, was brought up as an example during his talk.

"Maybe they will make a better game - I don't know," Hall said of The War Z developer Hammerpoint Interactive. "Maybe what they're doing is not cool to me, but the way I look at it is what are my options? What could I do? I could stand up here and be very critical of anyone who does a clone copy of the game.

"What would that actually achieve other than making me look like a Dick? It's not going to result in a better game."

According to the official DayZ website, the mod currently has 1.2 million players.

[Source: Eurogamer]