You forgot about Starhawk, didn't you? The multiplayer-focused shooter/flight war game from Sony and Lightbox Interactive released back in May, and apparently found a dedicated community despite a generally mixed reception. If you aren't a part of that community yet, the recently announced pricing structure might be the incentive you need.

On Sept. 25, Starhawk version 1.04 – which brings a bunch of tweaks and new gameplay modes – goes live. The PlayStation Blog has all the details (including the specific changes), but here's the most interesting part: Starting Sept. 25, the pricing model for Starhawk changes. If you're a PlayStation Plus member, you can get the single-player campaign for free. If you want to just play multiplayer, the price is $19.99. If you want the whole package, you can shell out the full $39.99.

Of course, people who already own the game won't benefit from the three-way split of ways to buy it, but they may benefit from an influx of new players who were curious about multiplayer but wary about paying full price.