The other day we woke up in Japan, so we figured we'd check out this cool curry place in the basement of the Tokyo Game Show. Here's the stuff we saw on the way to lunch.

Outside of the convention center we saw some posters for a new Japanese boy band called PlayStation

A shot of the show from above

Look how advanced Japanese graphics are!

Some dumb Pokémon crap

Who? Gree is one of the worlds largest social networking companies with a focus on mobile gaming. Their booth is larger than Sqaure Enix. Crazy, we know

Solid Snake is so old now that he thinks he's hidden as long as he doesn't move

Some more dumb Pokémon crap

This is Capcom's booth. We hope the covered wagon means that the company is working on an
Oregon Trail-themed Monster Hunter

A civil liberty group had the decapitated bodies of the Resident Evil: Retribution cast on display as a warning to anyone who still thought they wanted to see that terrible movie

A couple of booth babes pose in front of the Monster Hunter booth

They've mastered beef, think about how much they could teach you about computing

We all fear the giant egg this Chocobo could lay at any moment

Iran: at the forefront of video game entertainment

Good news guys, they're making a seventh game!

This is a Lego diorama of Earth Defense Force 3. After this, an army of ants swung by the booth and ruined the display

This dragon greeted everyone who came by the Konami booth. His name is Barry. He's a little misunderstood

A couple of stoic gentlemen displayed the newest in Metal Gear clothing