A trio of talented Disney artists are stationed at the Epic Mickey 2: The Power of Two booth at PAX Prime 2012. Disney fans are waiting in line for over three hours to ask these magicians to draw their favorite characters to life. I snapped some photos of the charming sketches and dropped them here for you to look at.

The first step.

Adding the hair.

The artist.

It's Belle from The Beauty and the Beast.

All the artist were working at easels. Those things always seem so uncomfortable to work with.

The final shot before it was handed over to the gracious recipient.

Another artist begins a sketch of Mickey and Minnie Mouse.

Watching this guy pull this scene from his mind and draw it into existence was mesmerizing.

He busted out his cell phone for a refresher on the looks of the Eiffel Tower.

A wider shot of the artists' stations.