We’ve got an exclusive first look at the latest game in EA’s flagship co-op series, Army of Two. Visceral Montreal is taking a new approach with The Devil’s Cartel, emphasizing mature storytelling over the series’ divisive high-fiving antics. The studio is focused on pushing forward instead of dwelling on the past, starting with two new characters, Alpha and Bravo. They’re determined to leave their mark during a deadly mission in Mexico, which is all possible thanks to the Frostbite 2 engine’s destructive capabilities.

Visceral Games has established itself as a top-tier developer with the Dead Space franchise, and with the expansion to the Montreal studio Electronic Arts has shown a commitment to elevating the Army of Two franchise.

“I felt like the first two Army games were good games, but they weren’t great games,” says producer Zach Mumbach. "They were memorable and they were fun to play, but they weren’t on that level where you’re going to tell all your friends, ‘Man, you have to play this game.” I think that Visceral being involved, especially on Frostbite 2, is just a huge opportunity. "

The September issue features our world-exclusive first look at the game and our impressions in a 10-page feature. We got our hands on the game, and we think Visceral Montreal is making good on its promise to elevate the series to a new level. Be sure to visit our Army of Two: The Devil’s Cartel hub page, as we’ll be rolling out articles and videos throughout the month. To get an idea of the upcoming video content, watch (and feel free to share) the trailer for our coverage below.

The Army of Two reveal opens our special issue, which is jam-packed with co-op coverage. We blow out the 30 best co-op games of all time, provide a look at what’s ahead, and take a look back with an exclusive interview with Ed Logg, designer of the arcade smash Gauntlet. 

On the single-player front, we also got to play through Dishonored’s first thrilling hours. Arkane Studios has been talking up the game’s flexibility, and we put bodyguard-turned-assassin Corvo through his paces. How did he fare? It’s definitely something that should make your must-play list, and our six-page exclusive preview explains why.

The issue is also packed with reviews for hot games, including The Last Story and Sleeping Dogs, and plenty of special features. Suda 51 fans can also can also create their own bizarre masterpieces with our special (?) game-name generator. 

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