The final wave of Call of Duty: Modern War 3 DLC is set to go live this August and September in a timed Xbox 360 exclusive. Chaos Pack is due out this month, followed by the appropriately named Final Assault.

Chaos Pack adds a new Special Ops Chaos Mode, three new Face Off maps, and four Special Ops missions. It's coming August 9 on the 360 for 1,200 Microsoft Points (about $15). Final Assault is being released September 6, and it adds five new multiplayer maps. It's also priced at 1,200 Microsoft Points.

Here's what Activision has to say about each pack:

Call of Duty: MW3 Collection #3: Chaos Pack offers extensive solo and co-op gameplay for the Special Ops enthusiast, featuring four brand new Special Ops Missions – Vertigo, Arctic Recon, Light ‘Em Up and Special Delivery – and Face Off maps – Vortex, U-Turn, and Intersection. Introducing a new way to play Call of Duty, Special Ops Chaos Mode delivers a frenetic form of combat that demands players to outlast waves of enemies, while chaining kills on maps littered in power-ups to achieve the highest possible score on fan-favorite multiplayer maps Resistance, Village, Underground, and Dome.

The final act of the Call of Duty: MW3 Content Season, Collection #4: Final Assault, is tailored toward hardcore multiplayer fans, and features five all-new multiplayer maps. “Gulch” sends combatants into a forgotten mining town with mine shafts and equipment sheds for cover. In “Boardwalk,” fun in the sun on the Jersey Shore means facing enemies on the beach. “Offshore” and “Decommission” will test players’ sea legs on deadly oceanic oilrigs and among a maze of rotting ocean liners, respectively. Rounding out the collection is a trip to the French Quarter in a war-torn New Orleans, where “Parish” pits players against one another amidst the city’s rubble.