PopCap Games has announced that it's bringing a Facebook hit and a Plants Vs. Zombies offshoot  to mobile devices later this year.

Mermaids! Solitaire Blitz is an adaptation of the Facebook game, and it features special leaderboards as well as full Facebook integration. It's free to play, though you can accelerate your progress through microtransactions. According to PopCap, the game has been played more than 2.5 billion times, with five million players checking it out since March. I'm sure that I have never wasted any time at work playing this game. Nope.

If that's not enough, there's also PvZ Presents: Talking Zombitar. This app allows you to adopt a zombie and dress it up. Then you can take pictures and videos of you and your pal hanging out, and post them on Facebook (or via email if you are an old person). There will be a few clothing options available to freeloaders, but for the fanciest duds, like astronaut and samurai gear, you'll have to pony up a little cash. 

PopCap is being coy about which mobile devices they'll be available on, which bodes well for Android users. After all, it's much easier to write "iOS" instead of "popular smartphones and tablet devices."

Now all PopCap has to do is release a mobile version of the criminally neglected Dynomite. I will freely admit to wasting lots of time playing it at my last job.