Who wouldn't want to snuggle up to a King of All Cosmos pillow that speaks to them?

Etsy seller Katy, of Penguinotic, has a history of making high quality plushies and other related snuggly goods. This talking pillow is modeled after the Katamari series' creepy King of All Cosmos, who speaks mostly in record-scratches.

Penguinotic describes the pillow as making you feel "insignificant and awe-inspired simultaneously. It's quite the experience."

If it's anything like how I feel when the King is on-screen in any of the Katamari games, "quite the experience" is a pretty good descriptor.

If Katamari isn't totally your thing, check out Penguinotic's other work: She has talking Portal spheres, as well as voiceless Super Mario Galaxy Lumas and NES controller pillows available.