Manos: Hands of Fate is a terrible, terrible movie. Hopefully it will make for a better game.

If you're unfamiliar with Manos, it's a movie that shows up on Wikipedia's List of films considered the worst, and on IMDB's bottom 100. I became aware of it, as I am sure many did, from its appearance on Mystery Science Theater 3000.

It's really bad, which is why its becoming source material for a video game from developer FreakZone is inspired. It takes all the absurd characters and premises from the film, and translates them into an NES inspired platformer. For example, a shot in the film that lingers on a fire in a fireplace for way too long, is turned into a living fireplace boss in the game. It sounds hilarious, and as you can see in the trailer below, it looks a classic NES game.

The game will be available for iOS on July 26, with an Android release planned shortly after. The developers at FreakZone said if the game performs well on iOS, there's a good chance it will also be made available on PC through Steam and maybe even Xbox Live Arcade. You can find out more about the game by checking out FreakZone's Tumblr page.