Beginning tomorrow, July 20 at 4:30pm ET and continuing through Sunday, July 22, gamers can tune in to the MLG website and watch professional StarCraft II players from around the world compete for over $26,000 and placement in the Summer Championship next month in Raleigh.

Old names and upcoming newcomers come together in a 32-player tournament. Some of the most noteworthy players set to take the stage are: 

Slayers_Alicia - A strong Protoss player from Korea who has placed highly in recent tournaments, coming in second in the 2012 MLG Spring Championship as well as North American Star League (NASL) finals last weekend.

MStephano - Potent Zerg player who hails from France who took the NASL championship last weekend and has won other tournaments like the 2011 Electronic Sports World Cup.

Grubby – A well-known Dutch StarCraft II player and talented caster, Grubby has won over 38 tournaments, 6 of which have been world tournaments. His Protoss play is very well executed.

LiquidSheth – An American Zerg player, Sheth is known for his macro play and tends to place very highly in the tournaments he enters.

CoLqxc – A Terran player from America, qxc is known for popularizing new strategies and for his unorthodox tactics, strong mech vs Zerg play, and aggressive harassment tactics.

LiquidHerO – A world-class Korean Protoss, HerO won Dreamhack 2011 and came in second at the 2011 NASL and is known for using warp prism and mothership play to increase his mobility around the map.

A great aspect of the Summer StarCraft II Arena this year is that Full Sail University is sponsoring the main online stream at MLG. What this means is that the main stream will be free for everyone. Dr. Pepper is also sponsoring another stream with will feature content from behind-the-scenes of the event. If you are really dedicated, you can still purchase an HD pass which will allow you to watch the streams ad-free in HD and access the premium stream which means more games for you to watch!

The full Arena schedule:

Friday, July 20

Main Stream   Premium Stream

5:00 PM   Winners R1   Winners R1

6:00 PM   Winners R1   Winners R1

7:00 PM   Winners R1   Winners R1

8:00 PM   Winners R1   Winners R1

9:00 PM   Winners R2   Winners R2

10:00 PM   Winners R2   Winners R2

Saturday, July 21

Main Stream   Premium Stream

12:00 PM   Losers R1   Losers R1

1:00 PM   Losers R1   Losers R1

2:00 PM   Losers R2   Losers R2

3:00 PM   Losers R2   Losers R2

4:00 PM   Winners R3   Winners R3

5:00 PM   Winners R3   Winners R3

6:00 PM   Losers R4   Losers R4

7:00 PM   Winners R4   Losers R5

8:00 PM   Winners R4   Losers R5

Sunday, July 22

Main Stream   Premium Stream

12:00 PM   Losers R6   Losers R6

1:40 PM   Top Semifinal

4:00 PM   Bottom Semifinal

6:20 PM   Final

In addition to all of this, countdown events begin today starting with the top 10 Arena matches of 2012 from now until 8pm ET tonight. At 8pm ET, there will be a re-broadcast of the amazing Nestea vs MVP showmatch. From 9-9:30pm ET casters JP McDaniel and Apollo reveal the MLG Summer Arena bracket on both and Twitch. Following the show fans can vote on the MLG website for which Round 1 match will be shown at 5pm ET on Friday.