This weekend a plethora of things are going on: Tim Turi gushes about the opera, Jeff Marchiafava talks about rainbows, and Ben Hanson throws tomatoes at Dan and Bryan. Of course, this is all assuming we live to see the end of Friday the thirteenth!

Tim Turi: This weekend I have a single endeavor: Play more Final Fantasy VI. The game has been the biggest gap on my video game checklist for the longest time. It feels great to finally be addressing that blind spot. So far the great characters, amazing music, cinematic storytelling (that opera!) and battle system have me hooked.

Jeff Marchiafava: This weekend I’ll be playing more Assassin’s Creed: Brotherhood, along with the PSN RPG Rainbow Moon. I’ve finally gotten to the point in Brotherhood where I have my own minion assassins, which is incredibly rewarding. I’m also enjoying Rainbow Moon’s tactical battles, though it’s been a slow start so far.

Ben Hanson: I don’t think I’ll have much time for video games this weekend, on Saturday I’m going to be throwing tomatoes at Dan and Bryan in this annual festival and then on Sunday I’m going to an amusement park for some ol’ fashioned fun. Outside of that I’ll try to find time for Xenoblade (I’m at the end and am attempting to get over a roadblock of a boss) and I’ll also be playing a game for research for our next cover story. Good times!

Andrew Reiner: My dream weekend: Dragon's Dogma during the day. Darksiders during the night. What my weekend will probably be: Lawn work. A little Dragon's Dogma during food breaks. More lawn work.

Ali Rapp: I'll be spending the weekend in my hometown, so I probably won't do much gaming outside of beating another dungeon or two in Oracle of Seasons and maybe playing a Perfect Dark co-op mission with my mother. Three things I'll for sure be doing: Rollerblading, four-wheeling, and editing research. That last one sounds thrilling, I know. 

Kyle Hilliard: This weekend I’ll be solving puzzles in Quantum Conundrum, skating with Tony Hawk, fighting wars in Spec Ops, and playing what amounts to Blast Corps: Baby Edition. Basically, the baby crawls forward, and I rush ahead and destroy every obstacle in her path so she can move forward unscathed. It’s a good time.

Jack Gardner: This weekend I won’t be doing much. Besides taking care of my new puppy, Samus, I’ll be continuing my way through the excellent Patrick Rothfuss novel, Name Of The Wind. On the video game front, I will be playing a few more games as Jayce in League of Legends and maybe popping in a little Overblood just for kicks.