He's already explored Arkham Asylum and cleaned up the streets of Arkham City. What's next on that crazy Batman guy's agenda? If rumors turn out, he may be going back in time to the Silver Age.

Variety is passing along word that Warner Bros. and Rocksteady are working on the series' next installment, which supposedly centers around the Caped Crusader's first meeting with the Joker. If those rumors are true, Batman won't be doing it alone. According to Variety's unnamed source, the Justice League will somehow be involved in the story. Whether they'll be playable in the campaign or just as backup (a la Nightwing) remains to be seen. Of course, that assumes that there's any validity to the story in the first place.

Regardless, it's certainly fun to think about. Any guesses on how Superman would be prevented from essentially breaking the game? Perhaps all of the Joker's goons will have Kryptonite gloves?


[Via Crave Online]