Even with Nintendo’s focus on the Wii U during this year’s E3, there are many questions we still don’t know the answers to regarding the upcoming console. The publisher still isn’t ready to announce a price point or specific launch date, and we don’t know what the retail package will include. Part of the success of the original Wii was the decision to bundle it with the popular Wii Sports, a title that put the system’s hardware capabilities front and center. Considering that Nintendo Land is hoping to accomplish the same goal, many at the show have speculated whether or not the game will be included in the Wii U purchase. Earlier tonight after a Nintendo roundtable that focused on the game, that question was the first to be brought up when the presentation shifted to Q&A.

When asked about the possibility of this happening, Nintendo software producer Katsuya Eguchi responded “If you think of Wii U and Nintendo Land as having the same relationship as Wii Sports and Wii, the concept is kind of similar. You may be able to imagine a scenario similar to that.” He then reminded the audience that Wii Sports was sold separately in Japan, being included as a pack-in only in North America. 

During the same discussion, the producer also confirmed that save files and WiiWare/Virtual Console purchases from the Wii will indeed transfer to the Wii U. We’ll have more Nintendo information tomorrow night after their Software Showcase presentation that focuses on the 3DS.