Update: Watch the Frostbite 2-powered shooter in action in new trailer.

Electronic Arts showed off Medal of Honor Warfighter with single-player gameplay and multilplayer trailers.

The single-player portion began with a group of soldier pursuing a group of pirates. The group landed on a beach and made there way through the water towards a dilapidated series of buildings. As they made their approach, a sniper hit the player character, triggering a slow motion drop into the water. With the help of his fellow soldiers, he got pulled under a pier to help dodge the fire. As the group made there way up the shore, the sniper continued to hammer on the pier from above, as additional enemy soldiers appeared.

The game is built with the Frostbite 2 engine, and has impressive destruction physics. Cover barriers crumbled under gun fire, and the pier fell apart from the sniper fire.

As the soldiers made their way out the water, they took out a few soldiers and made their way into the dilapidated building. They came across a door that needed to be breached and a circular menu opened on screen that allowed you to command one of your partners to take care of it. After selecting shotgun, the fellow soldier shotgun blasted the doorknob and the game slowed down for that all too familiar breach sequence so you can pull off as many headshots as possible on the surprised enemies.

After making their way through the breach, they moved forward, called down an airstrike, and headed towards the building that had been attacked. The building was crumbling, so they decided to send in a gunmounted robot in to take a look around. The remote controlled robot made its way through building taking out enemies along the way, and then got involved in a full on battle. After taking out as many soldiers as it could, the remote controlled robot got curb stomped  by an enemy.

Following the single-player trailer, a multiplayer trailer with a Linkin Park soundtrack was shown. Many of the elements from the single player showcase (including the remote controlled robot) appeared in the multiplayer trailer.

Players will be able to involved in a global battle by choosing which country they would like to defend. There will be 12 different tier one units from ten different nations that players can choose from.

Reserving the game will give players access to additional content when Warfighter releases, including additional weapons and perks. There will also be a limited edition of the game that will give players early access to U.S. SEAL Team Sniper equipped with the McMilllan TAC-300. Medal of Honor will be releasing on October 23 for Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and PC.