Many of us are still playing Diablo III, while some of us are depressing ourselves by playing Max Payne 3. The rest of us are playing Minecraft. Is there anything to do on weekends beside play games?

Kyle Hilliard: It’s a long weekend, and I beat Max Payne 3, and I am not all that interested in Diablo III, so I am not sure what to play next. Dragon’s Dogma maybe? Or some XBLA Resident Evil 4? Or maybe I will grab a Vita and play some Gravity Rush? I’m really struggling to make a decision here. I might go get some pizza with Jason Oestreicher, as well. No promises.

Jeff Marchiafava: This weekend I’ll continue switching between the explosively violent shootouts of Max Payne 3 and the peaceful world building of Minecraft. Last night I found a crescent moon-shaped island that I built a secret lair underneath, complete with an entrance hidden behind a waterfall. Last time I played Max Payne 3, I shot a bunch of dudes in the face. Video games!

Tim Turi: This weekend I’ll be continuing my quest to quell the forces of hell. I plan to continue trudging forth as my main Barbarian, while passing along new gear to my lower-leveled Demon Hunter. I love the cycle of feeding my alt character new gear. It’s so simple, and always keeps me playing at least an hour after I intend to stop. Oh, Diablo III.

Ben Hanson: A certain anti-social part of myself is looking forward to listening to podcasts while playing Diablo 3 by myself tonight…in the dark…with a blank expression on my face. After that I’m going to embrace the fact that it’s Memorial Day by visiting my lake lot with some friends for some cold swimming sessions followed by heated Ping-Pong matches. Also, inspired by Cliff Bleszinski (Epic Games) and Mikey Neuman’s (Gearbox) Twitter exchange I will be playing Body Harvest for the Nintendo 64. It was made by DMA (pre-Rockstar North) and I’m looking forward to some janky N64 open-world action. Have a good weekend!

Jack Gardner: After I have finished climbing a nearby mountain to shout to the world that I now work at Game Informer, I’ll be delving more into Diablo III and Valkyria Chronicles. I’ll probably also find some time to play some League of Legends and watch the sweet Norwegian film, Troll Hunter.

Ali Rapp: I'll be continuing my Skyrim binge (I'm currently working on getting my smithing skill up to 100) and going to my sister's sleepover.  My sister is in her 30s.  That's not weird, right?