Update: In a stunning late surge, République has reached its $500,000 funding goal. Of course, you can still visit the game's  Kickstarter page to donate even more before the drive closes later today.



After countless requests from gamers supporting the Kickstarter-backed iOS project République, the developers have announced they will also be working on PC and Mac versions of the game.

In a press release, developers Camouflaj and Logan stated that the newly-announced versions will not be simple ports of the iOS game, but will "feature new gameplay, controls, and story elements custom-tailored to the unique strengths of the PC and Mac platforms."

République promises to blend stealth, action, and storytelling into one compelling package. The Kickstarter currently stands at $97,000 of its $500,000 goal, with 14 days left in the drive.

Hopefully the newly announced platforms will attract more donators to the project. To learn more about République, read our interview with the game's director Ryan Payton.