Update: The Kickstarter project has reached its $300,000 pledge goal with 11 days remaining.

"I feel relief, a bit of shock and disbelief, gladness -- but mostly gratitude and humility," said Jane Jensen on the Kickstarter page. "It's amazing that we can say, 'Hey, guys, how about investing in a wouldn't-it-be-cool-if?' and people are willing to play along. THANK YOU."


Pinkerton Road, a new studio formed by Jane Jensen that focuses on adventure games, today announced the development of Moebius, a spiritual successor to Gabriel Knight.

Moebius was one of three games initially being considered for the team. A Kickstarter page was recently started to help fund the project, which currently has about half of the needed $300,000 goal. Mobius is described as a point and click, third person adventure game "with a 2D graphic novel look."

Below are the story details.

Moebius is a metaphysical sci-fi thriller in the vein of Fringe, Jane’s novel Dante’s Equation, and (of course!) Gabriel Knight. Antiquities dealer Malachi Rector hunts down artifacts all over the world and compiles dossiers on their history. He has a knack for sensing “the soul” of an object. After his upscale Manhattan store is destroyed in a fire, Rector is hired by millionaire Amber Dexter to investigate a series of events and document them in his meticulous way.

The first event is the death of a young woman in Venice, who was found hanging from a bridge. As Rector investigates her life, he soon realizes that this beautiful and talented young woman -- and the interrupted path of her life -- had great hidden significance. It appears that Amber Dexter and his associates are playing with the fabric of life in a way Rector never imagined possible. Even he, Rector himself, is part of a larger pattern.

Malachi Rector must figure out who is doing what -- and whether their intentions are for good or ill -- before he can decide whether to play his pre-scripted role or try to change the outcome.