There is a place in the market for both single player experiences and massively multiplayer online titles. However, not every gamer wants to play both types of games.

This week we announced our June cover, which details ZeniMax’s new Elder Scrolls Online MMO. A lot of people are excited to see how the Elder Scrolls experience transfers to the MMO space. But many others would rather just see another single player experience in its place.

Where do you stand? Are you happy that Elder Scrolls Online is being made? A lot of people didn’t like the idea of turning Warcraft of Final Fantasy into MMOs, but once World of Warcraft and Final Fantasy XI were released they had an important impact on the MMO market. If you don’t like the idea of turning existing properties into MMOs, Why not? Developing MMOs is hard and takes a lot of work. If Elder Scrolls Online fails, it will cost ZeniMax a lot of money and tarnish the Elder Scrolls name. What should companies who want to break into the MMO market do instead?