Developer thatgamecompany, the team behind Flow, Flower, and Journey, have stated that it is currently looking for a publisher on its fourth game, which it hopes to announce soon.

In an interview with vg247, thatgamecompany co-founder Jenova Chen had said, "we’re negotiating with various partners, so maybe within the next month, we’ll be able to determine which is the [right deal]." At that point Chen said they would like to announce their next project adding, "we announced Flower half a year after we launched Flow. We announced Journey half a year after we launched Flower. So hopefully within this year, you’ll hear from us about our next game."

Sony and thatgamecompany had a three game exclusivity deal, so now that it has completed its contract with Sony, it's possible that the next game from thatgamcompany could be a multi-platform release.

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[via VG247]