It feel like the biggest thing happening isn’t game related, but Avengers related. Some of us have already seen the film, and some of us will be going to see the film again soon. How many times will you see it this weekend, and how are you going to fit in any game time?

Joe Juba: I am not going to see the Avengers.

Ben Reeves: I will be feeling sorry for Joe and his sad life most of the weekend. I might run to the theater to help cheer myself up.

Kyle Hilliard: Unlike most, my weekend will not feature a team of super heroes fighting a Norse god. I am still trying to decide if The Avenger’s is worth a babysitter, but if Ben Reeves excitement this morning after seeing the movie at midnight last night is any indication, then it probably is. As far as gaming goes, I’d like to make some more progress in I Am Alive, and I think I will start a Prototype 2 play through. I also got an e-mail from my old next-door neighbor in the college dorms/Halo 2 teammate about trying to get online and play some Halo this weekend. I think I’d like that to happen.

Jeff Marchiafava: This weekend I’ll be playing more Fez and Trials Evolution. I’ve already gotten to the point in Fez where I’m scribbling down notes like a crazy person, though I doubt I’ll be able to find all of the cubes without using a guide. As for Trials – I added that jerk Jason to my friends list and promptly went from being first on most of the courses to a distant second. So I’ll probably just give up on the medals and have fun. And by fun I mean curse a lot.

Jeff Akervik: Hoping to make a final push in Deus Ex: Human Revolution this weekend – a game I'm absolutely loving by the way. I'm even inclined to say I like it more than Mass Effect 3. Crazy, I know. But true. After that, it's deciding whether I tackle Skyrim or Arkham City next. Or maybe I'll just play Journey again. Oh yeah, lots of playoff hockey as well. The game is simply amazing this time of year, regardless of the teams playing. Good stuff.