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  • Should I be excited about this?  Both DS and DSi?

  • Staff

    Well this should have happened about 6 months ago.

  • "I think I'm gonna get me one of these them thar new, fangled wand thingies."

  • Freddy... I'm offended.

  • Expert

    Bookworm is one of those guilty pleasures. It also has the ability to get you to play it long enough that your eyes turn red and you cannot blink anymore. I'd like to see Plants VS Zombies next.

  • Staff

    Remember this: People paid twice as much for Elder Scrolls: Oblivion Horse Armor on April Fool's day. Twice as much. And they could have waited a day for it to be cheap again.

  • This could really be amazing if it works.

  • They could afford to drop the price on their first party launch titles, too. Jeez Louis.

  • This game is looking pretty good. I wonder how it will stack up next to Split/Second, though.

  • I kind of feel that mac users who wanted to play BioShock would have found one way or another to do so by now. This is a nice gesture, though.

  • I'm thinking Mac users that play any kind of games at all do so on consoles.  Not a whole lot of Mac software hitting shelves these days.

  • Price cut + new Mario game + kids = new Wii?  Christmas may have just become even more exciting...

    But this "demo play" feature - doesn't that kind of defeat the purpose of playing?  Kind of kills the whole point.  In my day, we had to actually lose and get better to win.  Kids these days.  Whipper snappers.

  • !

    Did I mention I'm available?


  • Yeah, the delay actually moves this closer to Split/Second, which is probably its biggest competition right now, since they're both crazy arcade racing games. This will be an interesting *RACE TO WATCH*. (GET IT?!?!?!?)

  • It seems to me that Sony is OK with the PSPgo failing.  It is like it is a test device - one big, expensive batch of market research.

  • They've definitely made some bizarre decisions...although that's not stopping the tech geek in me from wanting one.

  • Oh yeah, I say that, but I still have every intention of getting one ASAP.  I guess Sony knows that, too.  I hate being the early adopter, I lose a lot of money that way... But dammit, I'm just too impulsive.

  • Do want. I already have the MGS4 PS3, so might as well get another custom console. Looks good to me!
  • Staff
    How much are we paying you?
  • This fella's skin looks like he is covered in ash. I think I have an ointment for that.

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