Summer feels like it’s closing in fast, which means that it’s time to check a lot of the year’s overlooked titles off our list. Some of us are even trying to fool people into thinking that we’ll do more physical activities, like jogging.

Ben Hanson: This weekend will be oh so much fun! I hope to continue playing Driver: San Francisco, that game has derailed my love affair for Xenoblade. What kind of mad man prefers RPG grinding to controlling a man’s coma-spirit as he possesses two drivers and forces them to collide their two-ton vehicles in mid-air? Good times! Check that game out if you like arcadey driving games. There has also been talk of playing Left 4 Dead at Kyle Hilliard’s house, I’ve never played the game and am hoping to understand the thrill before my motion sickness kicks in. Have a good weekend!

Jeff Cork: I think it’s time to hit the streets in Prototype 2 this weekend. It’s been sitting in my bag all week long, and I haven’t even broken the plastic seal. So busy! I really got a kick out of the first one, and I’m looking forward to seeing the improvements in the sequel. I’m planning to bounce between that and the Witcher 2. I’ve put about six hours in that one, and I don’t feel like I’ve made an inch of progress. Oh well.

Joe Juba: Having finally finished up a few Mass Effect 3 playthroughs, I'm moving on to other games that have piling up. I started Asura's Wrath, so I'm going to try to get further into that this weekend. However, I also need to polish off Fez, so I may give that a try, too. The goal is to play some shorter games before I dive into The Witcher 2.

Jeff Marchiafava: This weekend I will continue playing Fez and Trials Evolution. I have finally given up on going for all gold medals in Trials, which has made the game a lot less frustrating. I’ve also got a couple more areas in Fez to explore before I’m left with just puzzles I can’t figure out.

Kyle Hilliard: Things I might do: laundry, go jogging, prepare and eat a healthy meal. Things I will definitely do: Play video games, order and eat a terrible meal, play Left 4 Dead with Ben Hanson.