The ClashMob was victorious! Thanks to all who participated!

Original story:

That's right. Game Informer is featured in one of the latest Infinity Blade II ClashMob challenges. Help us defeat this ugly fella.

The monster in question is Gortoel, one of the Deathless Kings from Infinity Blade 1, and he's steamed that we've never let him appear in GI Spy. The event is live now and will last for over two days. We also have an interview with Chair co-founder and creative director Donald Mustard on the most recent podcast covering all things ClashMob. Be sure to check it out! (Read up on our impressions of ClashMob's first weekend for more info on what they are if you're not familiar).

If we all pull together and slay this beast, we'll get the Gnarl weapon, which looks to be made out of spiky, enchanted wood. Take a look below.

Keep up on this ClashMob event and others going forward at the official Infinity Blade site.